Thesis Theme Best Header Width and 2 or 3 Column

Did you know I love to get questions?  A great question helps me – help you!

Bonnie just asked a question related to Thesis Theme (my favorite all time – can’t live without – WP Theme):

Hi Debra!

Hope you don’t mind me asking you a question about Christine’s site I know you helped her with it and I thinks she’s done a beautiful job!  My question is about Thesis (Theme) and your recommendations for the best width for headers and 2 and 3-column (column width) settings. I have done a little research suggesting 900 – 1024 (for the website itself) is best. What is your opinion?

I am having a little trouble deciding on the best header width. You can take a look at one of my sites and see what I mean: (be kind, it was only the 2nd site I’ve done). I want to save time and set things up right from the start (banner creation and Thesis), so I thought I’d ask your advice.

Thanks so much,


First – let me tell you that Bonnie emailed me a few days ago with this comment:

I almost gave up on the Christmas sites because I figured it was getting too late in the season.

It’s NOT too late to be working on Christmas Sites!!!

This Leapster Game Site is a great Evergreen Niche Site…  love the toy niche!

Leapster Games

Can I just say “Great Job” Bonnie?!?!

I think you are following the IPK (Info Product Killer) system!

Okay… back to the questions:

  • Best Header Size for Thesis Theme?
  • Should You Use 2 or 3 Columns?

I can’t really answer these questions with a “do this” answer.  I can share what I do and then you make your own plan.

These are the settings used on Christine’s Christmas IPK Mother Site:

These are the settings I use for (most) 3 column Thesis Theme sites.   The widgets fit nice in the sidebars and the center is big enough to read the content easily.

Thesis Theme 2 Column

2 Columns can work for you as well (I like to change it up and test stuff):

My Indiana Jones Bedding site is an example.

The header image is about 980 pixels x 140 pixels.

This is a nice wide sidebar and holds the You Tube Video perfectly.

Thesis Theme With 2 Right Sidebars

I also have used 3 columns with both sidebars on the right – Spanish Ceiling Fans

The header image is 950 x 87 pixels.

Header Image Size

I try to stick with about 950 pixels wide with sites/header images.  I think this is a perfect balance.  I want those with new computers and old displays to see the best possible site.

I hope this is helpful… let me know if you are “stuck” on anything!

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  1. Gail Richardson says

    Thanks for the great information Debra on the headers. Do you know if there is a place to make your own headers for Thesis?

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