Start A PLR Business – What Topics Should You Write About?


PLR ATM is open.  I purchased Tiff’s new product within hours of the website going “live”… which was very late (wee hours) and started to go through it.

I sort of jumped around, just to get a “feel” for the product. (not recommended when you are going to dig in a start learning). :)

I will be “digging in” and getting the PLR ATM Review started in a day or so.

One of the bonuses included is an interview between Mike Long (Bring The Fresh) and Tiff where they discussed some ideas about how to start a PLR business.

I watched the video “twice”.  This bonus video is about an hour in length – I finally had to turn my laptop off… a girl has got to get her beauty sleep.

Mike Long is going to be doing a case study with a new PLR website. (In fact- he put the website up live and it was ranked on page one of Google in less than 24 hours). It’s fascinating to watch (and learn) how he is taking the PLR ATM course and using it in combination with some of the SEO techniques that are taught in Bring The Fresh.

One of the challenges I had when I started to “brainstorm” about a PLR business is the question of topics.   What topics or niches should I write about?

  • Did I want to concentrate on a specific niche?
  • Should I leave it wide open and write about any topic?
  • Should I focus on “Hot Niche Topics”… or should I stick with “Evergreen Niche Topics”.

Am I over thinking and making something a big deal when it’s really not?

I am trying to think about this “Smart”.  Starting a PLR business is NOT like starting a micro-niche blog.  Micro-niche blogs are part of my “current” business.  A PLR business is a new business  and needs to be treated with more care in the beginning stages – otherwise I might end up with a Hot Mess and give up.

A PLR Business Needs A Plan Just Like Any Business

My problem (over thinking? ) is a puzzle I needed to work out.   First I needed to decide if I’m going to concentrate on a specific niche or if I should go wide and cater to every possible niche I could think of?

Target Specific Niche

  • It’s easier to get ranked in Google if you have a targeted  niche.
  • The topic can be so broad that I would still be able to offer a ton of PLR packages.
  • The niche would have to be an “Evergreen” niche.

Cater To Everyone PLR Business

  • It’s harder to get ranked in Google – (not really that much harder).
  • I can take PLR writing requests on any subject.
  • Over time – the variety of topics would allow the sight to snowball into a large income producing business.
  • I could have PLR article packs, ebooks, sales pages, blog posts etc. in “Hot Niche” and “Evergreen Niches”.

An example target niche plr site:

My brainstorming just went into overdrive.

I was over on my favorite domain registration service NameCheap and got really excited. I found at least 20 domains that would be great for targeted plr niches. All were .com and all were one word niches.

Because I know that “ranking” high in Google is easier with domain names that are an exact match to the keyword search… I was on overload. I could have spent $100’s on domain names.

I even thought about going into the “site flipping” with these domains.  I could just resell them – or I could actually build the website and then flip it. But… that’s an entirely different business and I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself. Been to that water hole and about drowned myself.

After taking a break and having a good talk with myself – I decided “Against” a  PLR business in a specific niche.  I thought about doing both… but in the end, that is also not a good business plan for me.

I’m going to stick with the “Any Topic Goes” PLR Business model.

I had another glaring problem (again – I was over thinking).

Imagine that you have spent time – effort – and money setting up a PLR business website and all you have is one pack of articles to sell.

I have no idea why I thought this was a problem.  You can start a PLR business with one product – because you will be adding new products often.  So what if you only have one article pack to sell?  How cool will it be when you sell your first pack? I got over myself.

Niche Topic Ideas

One thing you might be wondering is what topics you should be writing about.  I’m never at a loss for niche topic ideas, but I don’t know if the ideas are good for PLR.  If I put out the effort to write the articles… and they didn’t sell… it’s not much of a business.

Should I stick with topics that Tiffany recommends? At least when the business is in it’s infant stages?  Topics such as Health, Pets, Internet Marketing, Relationships etc.?  PLR ATM talks about focusing on popular topics that sell well.

Or should I let go of the worry and do my best to choose niche topics that I’m comfortable with and get the packs done. Not wanting to put more pressure on myself than necessary… I chose to go with my instincts and write “what I know”.

I can worry about focusing on “Hot Niche Topics” later.

The PLR ATM Bonus for Tiffany’s own list of customer requested topics was a real eye opener:

PLR ATM bonus

Going through that list let me know which topics to start with – ones that marketers are already looking for.

I feel like I can go and work on the PLR ATM review with a more focused “brain”.   What do you think? Are you over thinking  anything that I can help you with? Leave a reply below and we will work through it together.

p.s. I spent some time writing about the difference between a Hot or Evergreen Niche Topic today.

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  1. David Gorham says

    Hello Debra, good for for you, PLR is the way to go. I personally write PLR with a specific niche in mind and aim for around 10 packs per cycle including video. But, I do have a limit on the actual number of packs I sell. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any benefit in buying a pack from me.

    I cater mainly for the UK market, and only write about things I know about, or are easy to research. Our public domain laws here in the UK aren’t as relaxed as yours, but thanks to PLR I’m kept busy, and glad to say profitable.

    • Debra Conrad says

      Thanks for sharing David… Video PLR is really hot right now. Glad that others are sharing that PLR business is successful.

  2. Robert says

    Hi Debra-
    The reason I am interested in this is because I want to incorporate PD content, and you didn’t mention it…Does that just go without saying?

    • Debra Conrad says

      Hi Robert…

      The option of using Public Domain content to help you research and write PLR content to sell – is my “twist” or idea.

      PLR ATM teaches everything else you will need to know about setting up the business.

      Tiff explains in detail just how to write quailty content that your customers will love. I just can’t start from a “blank” screen. I need a crutch and public domain content is where I start.

  3. Wendy says

    “The option of using Public Domain content to help you research and write PLR content to sell – is my “twist” or idea.”

    That would make a great bonus for the folks that buy PLR ATM through your link!

    • Debra Conrad says

      Hey Wendy…
      Yep… been thinking about that. I’m going to work through the process of combining Tiff’s PLR ATM and my public domain content idea. I need to make sure the idea
      is not just an idea but will really work.

      If it works like I think it will – then I’ll be sharing all the “how-to” in a report or ??

      What are you up to?

  4. Wendy says

    Hi Debra!

    I just purchased PLR ATM through your link and I’m looking forward to digging into that today. I’m also going to dust off my Public Domain Treasure Hunter’s Kit and go through that again. Thanks to you and Logan for making such a great product!

    Like you, I’ve thought about creating my own PLR site for a while now, but haven’t yet put anything into action. I’m a writer and I love to research new topics so I think it would be a perfect fit. Really intrigued with the PD twist!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wendy says

    Oh yeah, almost forgot.

    Need some new domain names? is offering new .com, .net and .org domains for just $5.99 each till the end of the month. Use the coupon code SAVEBIG to get the discount.

    Not an affiliate link BTW – just a friendly FYI. =)

  6. Debra Conrad says

    Hey Wendy…

    I can’t wait to see your progress on your new PLR business site. Let’s keep in touch… it’s always a good idea to have someone to share ideas and helpful hints as we go along developing our new business.

    Thanks for the coupon code. That has to be the best one I’ve seen in a while.

    I’m a domain name hoarder – trying to break the habit, but this discount code is almost to good to pass up.

  7. says

    Hi Debra –

    I emailed the other day & told you I’d respond to this article – I have a terrible time deciding what to write about. On my “stoneyhollow” website, life iseasy – it about poodles, which I breed and know. But other things are harder to decide about, since I am notas comfortable. In the end, I decided to stop worrying about it and just write what I know about. Pets, homemaking, homeschooling, gardening, health – these are all easily in my comfort zone ad so would probably be a good place to start. Thanks for the article and look forward t reading te rest of your blog.

    • Debra Conrad says

      I am with you on this one Kristen. I have such an easy time writing what I “know”… so it’s been a “push” for me to buckle down and write about things I am not familiar with.

      I am certainly going to focus my efforts on niche topics I am familiar with because the writing will be easier and I can get the job do faster. You have a variety of topics that you know and are comfortable and they are
      good niche topics to share you knowledge.

      You go girl! Keep in touch and let me know how you progress.

  8. says

    I just started a membership site with primarily PLR material along with some MRR goodies and will have some freebies. I am focusing on providing articles, ebooks and web sites mainly and hepe that it works. Also plan on adding content daily.

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