Retire At Fifty From Your Day Job

Retire At FiftyI guess you could say I did Retire At Fifty... But I still work full time.

Actually – I quit all my other “jobs” and committed to full time online business several years before I hit the big Five “0”.

Now… I’m working on building my business income to a point where my husband can close his computer services business and work strictly from home as well.

Since I’ve been at this for several years… I’ve finally found the Internet Business Model that is best for me.

When you are new to the idea of making money online… you will find many (100’s) of ideas whirling around that are positioned as the “Best Internet Business Model”.  So how do you figure out which one you should use?

  • Should you build just one website?
  • Should you have multiple websites that promote affiliate products?
  • Should you use social media to build your brand?
  • Do you need to be a “Guru” to make a decent income online?
  • Will you need to sell your own products?

Today – I was watching Lynn Terry’s Weekly (Free) Webinar –  What Is The Best Internet Business Model? She really hit the nail on the head!

If you want to make money online… focus and persistence really pays off. 😉

If you spend your time flitting from one project to another… you will not only be overwhelmed… but you will also have many uncompleted projects (or as Lynn says “Multiple Streams of Junk”). You must have a plan and then follow it through to the end.

Focus on the task at hand… spend the time and effort to finish the entire project and then you will have a nice little “oil well” of steady income. Rinse and Repeat with the next project.

Are You Making This Mistake?

You will know if you are making the same mistakes as many newbie marketers have if you:

  • Have several hosting accounts
  • A slew of domain names that you let lie dormant
  • Bunches of tools that you pay for and don’t use
  • Signed up to a boat load of affiliate programs
  • So many info products on your hard drive that you don’t know which one to follow

This is a big – flashing – neon sign that says “You Are Not Focused”.

I’ve been to that well and drunk the kool-aid. :)

How Do You Stay Focused?

First of all – You have to want something.

I’ve already told you what I “Want”. I want to be able to provide enough income that my husband will be able to quit his business and come home to keep building mine. It’s our Retirement Plan. We didn’t make it to the Retire at Fifty goal… but we might be able to make it to the “Retire at Fifty-Five” goal.

Big Tip
–  I got this from the recording – To-Do Lists. Choose your task, Make a list in order of exactly what has to be done, Follow through with each to-do item until the project is complete.  I’ve also learned to “Chunk Up My Time” to make the tasks at hand seem possible to complete.

Big Idea – It doesn’t make much sense to start a second online business project, if you didn’t complete the first. What makes you think you’re going to get any further with the second project?

I have a confession… In the beginning of my newbie online business, I did start several projects that didn’t work for me. It was a learning process (boy – did I learn what I didn’t like to do) that has given me the focus I need now to start projects that I can actually visualize the finished goal.

Learn to Pick A Niche That Will Give You All The Profit You Need To Retire At Fifty

You will see me talk about multiple streams of income (my little oil wells of income) at length. I’ve learned (through trial and error) that I must “stick” with One Niche or Market. I’m building my “brand” and a Market Leader on the topic(s).

This does NOT mean that I have One website. I have over 10 websites in my niche and plan on several more.

I’ve been encouraging some of my coaching students to find a niche that they can grow with. The biggest stumbling block seems to be – “What If I Choose The Wrong Niche Market”? If you do your research and follow your plans… you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong market.

Big Tip – If you are a member of an Elite Forum or Mastermind Group you can ask for help. Some of us have been doing this “marketing online” gig for quite a while… and we are always willing to help those who are new and need some hand holding.

You can find more great info about (click on this link) How to choose a niche from Lynn Terry.

Is It Possible To Retire At Fifty?

You bet! If you are already fifty or close to it… it’s not going to be possible to retire with an online business. It has taken me about 5 years to become what I consider a success at online marketing.

I could (should) have reached my goal sooner if I had taken myself out of the “I can learn it all by myself” mindset… and started learning from mentors and others that have already achieve success.

Remember – I’m always here to help.

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