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how to start a recipe blogI’m starting another blog… and I am loving it so far.  I also have a new product and 2 new sales pages that all tie in together.

I really wanted to give you a great – and easy – idea to use for niche blogs.

Start A Recipe or Cooking Blog

I’ve used recipes on websites before – but I have never started a true Recipe Blog.  I’m a huge fan of this type of site and thought I’d better put myself out and “show you” why I love the idea.

I’ve been talking about this idea for years:

How To Start A Recipe Website

Republishing Public Domain Cookbooks

I’m also working on a new product which will really help you go “gagga” over the idea of starting a recipe blog.  (more on that later)

This new product is going to have it’s own sales letter style page (on it’s own domain). Melissa Ingold suggested this (I usually shy away from sales letters) – so I got out of my comfort zone and did two sales pages on two different domains!

This “niche” has several different ways to go – so I decided to cover them all.  I like to cover all the bases if I can.

You will see this all unfold over the next week or so - (yes – I’m working during the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend) because I want to unveil it all to you on Sunday November 28th.


It’s my birthday and the unveiling day will have a special birthday price!

Plus – I’ll tell you how you can get this new product for FREE!

What I’ve Done So Far

  • Purchased 3 Domain names Nov. 16, 2010
  • Install a theme on all 3 WP blog domains Nov. 18, 2010
  • New product – finished
  • Started blogging content on new recipe blog Nov. 19, 2010
  • Purchased How To Start A Recipe Blog from Nicole Dean Nov. 19 2010  (she loves Public Domain recipes and PLR recipes for this niche idea :) )

Free Recipe Blog Templates

Free WP Recipe Blog Template – choose from 6 different theme ideas.  Free WP Templates

I used Thesis WP Theme (yeah – I know it isn’t free)  – I always do… using the same theme for every one of my new blogs makes it easier and quicker to get set up. I don’t have to learn anything new ;)

Thesis Theme is already SEO optimized and I just add a few plugins to make it even easier to customize.

WP Plugins For Mexican Recipe Blog

Are you curious yet? I’m excited. I’m always like a kid in a candy store when an idea finally comes together and the plan is  in place.

I’ll keep you up to date on the progress – and the unveiling will be on Nov. 28th!

p.s. If you want to get started thinking about this idea – here is the link again to Nicole Deans Start A Cooking Blog eBook and audio mp3 product.

how to start a recipe blogHow To Start A Recipe Blog

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