How To Set Up Your PLR Business Website Part 2

Start A PLR Business WebsiteJust so you don’t think I’m a flake or not motivated about setting up a PLR business website – I’m pushing to get finished.

You do know that “life” sometimes get’s in the way of our best laid plans, right?

Well… life is happening here.  Nothing major or earth shattering.  It’s just been stuff like end-of-month accounting, other projects I must keep current, new clients for offline marketing, birthday party, arguments with hubby, customer support, preparing to go offline for the three day weekend coming up, yadda yadda yadda. :)

Anyway… here goes the next part of my PLR Business Website set-up following the PLR ATM plan:

Do You Really Need Professional Header Graphics?

I will admit that I used to have professional header graphics made for every website.  It was fun to have someone else use creative juices and make something that I just loved. But… I started putting so many sites online that the cost was getting ridiculous.

I also will tell you that I’m a bit paranoid about having these new PLR business websites look professional and not something that an amateur put together.  In fact, I was letting this paranoia get in my way.  Today I but my “big girl panties” on and threw together the graphics I needed in 10 minutes.  They will do for now… if I feel the need to get something a bit snazzier later, I can pay for it out of my PLR sales.

How To Make Header Graphics

Setting Up The “Other” PLR Business Site

I’m procrastinating on purchasing and setting up DL Guard. I promise – I’m gonna do it!

Anyway – I’m working on the “other” plr website.  It’s the second website that Tiff suggests for promoting and linking back to the main PLR sales site. Confusing huh?

I chatted with Tiff about this in an email… and she gave me a quick idea for the “other” site. Instead of “just” promoting my own products… why don’t I add in other PLR sellers (that I trust) affiliate links to their products?  A bit like Amazon does the “people who liked this product also viewed or purchased these products”.

It’s been a struggle to get the category and linking strategy worked out on both sites. They are not set up the same… one is strictly for my PLR products and the “other” is to market PLR products (my own as well as an affiliate).

I got really passionate about setting up the “other” PLR website and it took an entire day. It was worth all the effort to get everything just “so”.


It’s now a day or so later…

I’ve got everything “done” (ish).  I just can’t get DL Guard to play nice.  At this point I can’t “sell” anything, but I’m all ready for my first product  to “go live” right after DL Guard support gets back to me with help.

Note: I think buying a product you are going to need support with on a holiday weekend – might have been a bad idea. :(

While I wait – I’m going ahead with creating more PLR articles.  I need a break from the “pull my hair out, bang my head on the computer monitor” frustrations).

My goal for this long weekend:

  • Have both websites finished – at least for now (there is always more “tweaking”). Done

Niche Content Source

Unique Niche PLR

  • Have a product up for sale –   The first product is done – just need a way to sell it.
  • Purchase DL Guard and (face my fear of new software) get it operational.  DL Guard is easy to install and Tiff’s directions in PLR ATM made it so simple to set up…  but I still have issues (re: a glitch).
  • Run A WSO – W – S – O (it’s not a four letter word but it might as well be around here)    WSO is a Warrior Forum Special Offer.   I have a few “fears” I need to overcome:

1. Fear that I will look silly with my WSO.
2. Fear that my WSO will have poor reviews or replies.
3. Fear that I don’t write well enough to actually produce great PLR.
4. More silly “Ninnie” fears all related to the above 3.

Go figure – I know it’s because it’s an entirely new business model than I’m comfortable with.

I also know that it’s not really a fear – so much as a procrastination.

Putting one foot in front of the other and taking everything step-by-step…

I have two other things I’m going to work on this weekend:

  1. Test DL Guard with my Clickbank products and see if they will play niche.
  2. Get more PLR article packs ready to sell.

p.s. Tiffany Dow is having a webinar this Friday – I think you should join her subscriber list so you will get an invite. She is probably going to teach this “old dog” some new tricks. :)

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  1. says

    You’re doing such a great job walking us through your PLR ATM experience. I just purchased it this weekend so I’m just getting started. I really appreciate your detailed posts, and your courage to share your fears with us.

  2. says

    Great job, Debra! I found you while searching for Tiffany’s PLR – and just made a purchase through your Unique Niche PLR site. :)

    I love thesis too – but you didn’t use it for your Niche sites?? I wondered how you would set that up, which led to my checking out your sites, which led to my purchase.

    You’re an inspiration!
    Thanks so much,

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