How To Package And Shrink Wrap Collectible Games For Amazon FBA

I’ve fiddled around with packaging up collectible games and shrink wrapping them for Amazon for a few months…. this is the process I’ve come up with that works best for me. First – clean up the game: This is a game as it came from the thrift store: Count Everything! Make sure you have the instructions. Clean up the game pieces and the game interior: (I use the Clorox wipes to sanitize) Pack all the pieces neatly: (I don’t use zip-lock sandwich bags – I use the kind that is sold for jewelery parts etc.) I also don’t use rubber bands – I wrap card packs and the like with the shrink wrap film. Neatly package up the rest of the contents: Next – I show you the “poor man’s version” of shrink wrapping:  

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  1. JohnJ says

    Hi Debra. Thanks for the great video. Before I get to my question, I will tell you that I originally found your public domain site from Tiffany Dow’s site. Then about a month ago, I stumbled across your FBA site (this one) and have been totally absorbed and excited about learning this stuff. I just got my first two boxes packed and ready to go to the UPS store tomorrow! All thanks to you!

    Now, my questions about shrink wrapping. When you do this, do you put your product bar code label on the shrink wrap or under it? Also, do you make a comment in the condition that the product has been shrink wrapped by the seller, either so the buyer knows you’ve put in some extra care or so that they don’t think you’re trying to pull it off as new?

    Thanks again!

    • Debra Conrad says

      Hey John, Congratulations on getting your first shipment ready to go! It’s very exciting stuff.

      With shrink wrap – I put a label over the original barcode (on the box) and a second label over the shrink wrap (in the same position). After a bit of experimenting – this should make it easiest for Amazon to check in the product. (they don’t have to try to scan the label through the shrink wrap).

      As for the condition. These games are all in the collectible – used – very good (or good) category. (Sometimes if the game has never been played I will list as “like new”. I never try to pass off a game as NEW unless it has the original manufactured shrink wrap.

      If the buyer actually looks at the “seller comments” (which is rare) – they will see that I have mentioned the game is 100% complete, neatly organized and wrapped with care.

      I hope that clears up some of your questions…


  2. JohnJ says

    Putting the label on the box and again on the shrink wrap is a great idea! Of course, I knew that you wouldn’t try to pass off a game as new. I hope my question didn’t seem that way. I’ve read your comments for too long on Tiff’s site and, more recently, on your own blogs to know that I can trust your ethics! Thanks for your wonderful teaching. I sure appreciate it!

  3. Clayton Hay says

    I have got to get the larger box of shrink wrap. I tried what you showed with a much shorter roll in width of shrink wrap. It didn’t cover the ends as well as yours. The shrink wrap tended to pull apart from itself because of that. The secret is to use a long width roll like you’re using. I think your box said 18 inches wide. Great video. I enjoy your tips. Very practicle and easy to follow.

    • Debra Conrad says

      Hey Clayton… yes I agree 100%. That larger box of wrap is the perfect size. Also the one with a cutter tool on top is a huge time saver!


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