How To Create Amazon and ShareASale Affiliate Links

I’m getting asked about how to create Amazon Affiliate links – often.  I know that somewhere I’ve showed just how to do this… but I can’t find it.  If I can’t find it – then you sure can’t find the information you need.

Rather than go and do a bunch of new video recordings for you… I’m going to let Tiffany Dow show you.  She really knows her stuff!

This video is for making images that we learned to use in the IPK system. (Info Product Killer).  I don’t use the image editor that Tiff does – but the principles are the same.

She mentions this link – Image Hyperlink HTML

This video shows you how to add in Adsense to the WP sidebar – but also at the end she shows how to find and add Amazon banners:

If you want to add Amazon widgets to the sidebar of your blog:

I did do a video for a reader (Hi Bonnie) who was having a problem “changing” affiliate links to a Share A Sale link:

I hope this helps you get your affiliate links all set up and ready for the Holiday Season!

p.s. I’m off to write a rant over on the Public Domain blog – I got really miffed today at a customer and had to calm down before I wrote about

Don’t Try Using Copyright Protected Images On Zazzle or CafePress

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  1. Bonnie Christian says

    Oh yes, I know you put these videos on here for me Debra! You understand the struggles we newbies are going through. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your being here for us. ‘Glad I found your site!

    • Debra Conrad says

      lol… Bonnie… I WAS thinking of you! Of course – if you are asking about this then others are asking as well. Gotta share what I already know how to do with others… :)

  2. says

    I am always amazed how much great “free” training is available online. I remember days gone by when it was so nearly available. I think we can thank YouTube who makes it easy to host and share our videos Camtasia for making it easy to produce them. And I agree with you Debra when you say “Rather than go and do a bunch of new video recordings for you… I’m going to let Tiffany Dow show you. She really knows her stuff!”

    • Debra Conrad says

      Well – knock me over with a feather… James Martell !! How are you?? I am one of James biggest fans from way (way way way) back. ;)

      Not that we are old. lol.. but I’ve been listening to the Affiliate Buzz for a few years.

      Anyway… thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.

      I love to do video… but why keep putting out video of things that someone else already has done to perfection. That Tiff is really good at “teaching”. :)

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