How To Add Adsense In The Thesis Theme

The easiest way to add Adsense into the Thesis Theme is to use the plugin Thesis Openhook (free)

The best Google Adsense (or any advetisement/affiliate image) placement is in these two places:

  • Links right under the header
  • A text or text/image combo block right under the blog title

When you have Openhook installed… you use it from here:

When you open “openhook” it looks a bit intimidating… but it’s really easy to use.   These are the two slots you enter your adsense code:


Adsense Text Block

Make sure you hit the “save” button:

In case you are really new to Google Adsense… it takes a while for the ads to start showing up. Don’t panic… they usually start within 15 – 30 minutes.

Hope this is helpful…

I’m here for ya,

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