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I’ve been sidetracked – Again! It happens. It’s the dreaded disease of Affiliate Marketers… we get distracted by the bright shiny objects (Something New To Try). :)

I’ve tried to ignore it… but now I’m embracing it.  If I’m productive and creating content that will eventually be one of my affiliate income streams… then why not?

I’m a Squidoo Junkie… I’ve said it out loud.  I build Free Online Blog “Lenses” with Squidoo and add affiliate links to make some of my affiliate income.

I’m a big fan of Tiffany Dow. She has been a great influence on me this year. I’ve watched her grow and change her business direction with great interest.

Ever since I got my hands on her Squidoo package I’ve been stewing about creating new Squidoo Lenses.  I do have an account (now I have several accounts)… but I am hesitant to put original content on a page I don’t “Own”.  This is something I learned long ago…

Don’t Put Your Energy Into Websites You Have No Control Over!

I’ve changed my mind!  Yep… at least partially. Because this “Squidoo Affiliate Marketing” Thing seems to work. I checked some of my affiliate income stats… and guess what? I’ve been consistently making sales from my poor – under-developed Squidoo lenses.  Surprise!!

The Squidoo pages I usually create are for “evergreen” products. Things that someone would be looking for all year.  I’m now getting a few new ideas from Tiffany about creating specialty groups of lenses (blog articles) focused on Holidays.

Tiffany Dow Squidoo ProductTiffany includes a book in her Squidoo package (Her main product is about Social Networking with Squidoo) about “Building and Flipping Squidoo Lenses“.

I’m not interested in spending time developing Squidoo blogs and then flipping them.

I would rather make the affiliate income myself… thank you very much.  But!!! She teaches a very special way of building lenses that makes the entire process easy and logical.

Now… when I look at my old lenses (that I have made sales from) I wonder why I made sales. They look pretty bad and not what I would consider a site that creates an urgency to purchase.

What would happen if I used the Tiffany Dow method?

I know it’s late for Christmas sales… but I’ve been lax over the years at buiding up anything that will create some Christmas income.

Every year I say I’m going to do Christmas Marketing… and I never get very far. Squidoo is freeing my brain up to focus on just that type of marketing… and I’ll be more prepared for next year.


One of my ideas for creating new “Evergreen” Squidoo pages is to include Public Domain content so the search engines will have lot’s to chew on and I don’t have to write everything from scratch.

I completed one Squidoo page several days ago by using some Public Domain articles:

Spanish Revival Architecture

This is not a product specific Squidoo page… it’s an “over view” page. Then I will start to build more product specific pages and link to them. This works really well if you also have your own WordPress blog to link from/to.

So far I’m changing my views… a bit… about using Free Online Blog platforms for Affiliate Income. I’m still stuck on the idea that we all need to have websites that we own… Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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