Baby Boomer Can’t Find A J.O.B. and Needs Income Now!

Baby Boomers - This could be Your Place in Time!
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I got an email today… I will not share who it’s from because I think I’m talking to every baby boomer in this article.

This Boomer is struggling to find a way to make an income online – like a lot of you are… and this is my answer:

(my email reply almost word for word)

So you and I are about the same age… and no one hires “old” people… :)

You really have 2 different things to think (worry) about. I’ll explain in a bit.

I can feel your frustration and I don’t want you to give up.

I think you are looking for the magic “pill” or easy button to make money “fast”.
When you are in this situation… you can (and will) make mistakes and spend a bunch of wasted time looking for answers. (and money you can’t afford to spend)


First you need to generate immediate income and then worry about long-term residual income.

You might want me to give you “all” the answers in one email – but that’s not how it works. You (with my help) need to work through a few baby steps.

The reason for the baby steps – is this:

You already have some notions and some misinformation that is driving you in a certain direction (or a variety of directions), the baby steps help me to help you gain clarity and focus.

Some will get “it” and some won’t.  I don’t take offense – I just move on and help those willing to listen and learn.

First Baby Step -

The immediate income will Not come from “selling” stuff online. It should come from you offering a service.

This service is something (we can explore the options) that others will pay you  for your time and/or efforts.

Now… go read and watch the video on this blog post:

Affiliate Marketing Is Not Easy

Let me know if you want to chat further…


This is not New information. This is not a New idea. In fact I wish someone had sent me this email years ago when I was struggling to find my way online.

It was Tiffany Dow who slapped me on the back of the head with this one. It’s so simple – and yet I couldn’t see the simple truth.

Tiff and I are on the very same page with this “Idea” – “Anyone new to online business and needs to generate income NOW – the first step is to provide a service”.

End of story,

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