I’m moving my Amazon FBA tips, tricks and tutorials. I’ve joined up with Beth over on Thrifting For Profit.

The two of us are very excited about our current Amazon business model and all that we are sharing.

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I’ve fiddled around with packaging up collectible games and shrink wrapping them for Amazon for a few months…. this is the process I’ve come up with that works best for me.

First – clean up the game:

This is a game as it came from the thrift store:

Count Everything! Make sure you have the instructions.

Clean up the game pieces and the game interior: (I use the Clorox wipes to sanitize)

Pack all the pieces neatly: (I don’t use zip-lock sandwich bags – I use the kind that is sold for jewelery parts etc.) I also don’t use rubber bands – I wrap card packs and the like with the shrink wrap film.

Neatly package up the rest of the contents:

Next – I show you the “poor man’s version” of shrink wrapping:


Thrift Store Toys To Sell


I promised you a little guide for creating a Product Page on Amazon.  This is only available for sellers who have a Pro Merchant Account.

This is Amazon’s Prepare Your Product Page.

And more info on Creating a Product Page from Amazon.

And… here I walk you through the steps (How I do it):



Taking Pictures For Amazon Product Pages

When you create a new product page on Amazon – or list products anywhere such as eBay or Etsy… you need good pictures. I’m not a photographer… at all – so this is a challenge. I needed a white background per Amazon’s terms. As I’ve said before – this is violated all the time, but […]

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One Of My Amazon Product Bundle Examples

I have purchased “stuff” to make bundled products for Amazon – I’m going to share one of my bundle ideas here and a bit of a “how to”. This first bundle idea came from Lisa Suttora on one of the FBA Radio calls. She has kids (much younger than mine) and was chatting away about […]

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If You Buy Inventory Online – Get Rebates

Okay… I’m behind – again. LOL  I’m still working on my bundles and will have stuff to show you in a few days. I’ve been taking a few more “breaks” than I deserve. Ha! Today – I want to send a quick reminder to those of you who shop for inventory online. Get Your Rebates. […]

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Why You Should Create Amazon Bundle Products

Hey… did you know I’m creating bundle products to sell on Amazon? I’ve started creating two different “models” of bundle products. One type is using public domain content in combination with physical products I buy… and the other is just bundles of physical products. I want to share with you the “steps” to create a […]

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